Video call

Scotty SaaS (service as a software) is not your regular communication tool. Unlike most of its competitors, Scotty is able to send smart objects, a wide choice of files, holograms and contextual data. Thanks to Microsoft HoloLens headset support, the video calls are completely hands-free for your on-site workers: this makes Scotty a perfect match for all your industrial needs!

Holograms AR

Scotty employs AR to facilitate remote maintenance communications and to ultimately make interventions on the field easier to perform and more cost efficient. With the support of HoloLens, we bring into your plant the best video quality and crystal clear AR experiences. The combination of our SaaS and the best smart glasses on the market will ensure that real-time, reliable, spatially-accurate task instructions and guidance are delivered directly into the field of vision of your workers, exactly when they need it.

Video recording

Entire working and maintenance sessions can now be easily recorded by your workers thanks to our software and HoloLens technology. The recordings will make valuable teaching material for subsequent sessions. Not only does Scotty help you find the perfect fix for first-time maintenance issues, but it also allows you to make use of it forever.

VPN Integration

Scotty can be integrated with many popular VPN applications with no external assistance. The software instantly provides the user with a smooth, safe, easy-to-implement connection experience. Get your license, download our software and start using Scotty today!


Scotty allows you to manage more efficiently your resources remotely. Thanks to the software and the data that it can record and storage, you will be able to keep track of maintenance schedules, of your workers’ performances and of the overall status of your machinery. Get yourself an extra pair of eyes on the field!